Posted by: networklearning | November 7, 2005

Network Learning Face to Face- Open Fridays

We will soon be trialling a different approach to Professional development having a weekly informal ‘open’ Friday at the TLRU with all teachers interested in blended and elearning technologies being able to come together and collaborate ideas, skills and resources. The TLRU staff will offer full support but importantly it will offer Illawarra Institute staff the opportunity to network with their peers, learn from other and have access to the great TLRU resources. This will be recorded as a Professional Development Activity.

In particular the TLRU looks forward to working with Dapto IT to implement systems and technology, to develop a self sustaining Professional Development Network of teachers to facilitate communicating and sharing ideas and innovations that benefit the entire organization. Also to promulgate the achievements and outcomes of teacher work to the community and industry.



  1. Good on you Steven. Thought you might be interested in how they do it at Drexel CoAs

    Perhaps make it open to students as well…? Would be great to have ‘students’ and ‘teacher’ learning how to learn via the network in it together…

    Also, good to have numbers to try out the Sunday night TALO conferences.

  2. Thanks Leigh. Drexel Coast is a great discussion point for the teacher training session on Thursday and Friday.

    Teacher Podcasting of mp3 lectures in itunes and PDF class notes.

    For those who are interested recommend downloading ‘RSS club meeting 15’ mp3 in itunes. A group of teachers exploring podcasting lots of great discusion on strengths weaknesses oportunities of podcasting…

    deserves attention.

    Leigh Sunday night conferences will keep in mind.

    ps check

  3. Note

    Is a cool blog Leigh runs

  4. Steven – nice blog – I’ll be following it. It would be nice for you Australians to join us by conf call at one of our Drexel CoAS RSS Club meetings but I think the time difference makes that hard.

  5. Hi Jean Claude

    Thanks. We are 16 hours ahead, a conference call would be an interesting experiment for a training session, showing our teachers how to use voip. What software do you use. skype gizmo? another? We have a training day on Fridays.Would you be open to conferencing on a Friday, 9am Friday Aust = 5pm Thursday in Philadelphia I think. What time would suit. When are your RSS meetings.

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