Posted by: networklearning | June 20, 2006

U2 in Second Life


I can’t see them in real life but I can in Second Life, pretty cool, but can’t wait until their rescheduled concert in Sydney…

DarkDharma Daguerre, Dream Daguerre, Demian Caldera
– The brains behind “U2 in SL”.



  1. Hi Steven,

    I am the person who created the U2inSL avatars and started U2inSL along with several others. U2inSL was not created by Natural Selections Studios. NSS only filmed a video of them about a year ago. You can view a much more current video of the virtual band featured on YouTube at the following link:–k8

    Thanks! DarkDharma Daguerre

  2. Hi

    Thanks for the pointer, had a look at your youtube video, nice work, liked the editing and close up shots of Edge on guitar, have updated references in post.


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