Posted by: networklearning | August 23, 2006

The students are up to something…

We are moving into an era whereby we will facilitate students using technology to create and share their own resources, achieve learning outcomes and attain knowledge at any given point off time as part of a learning network.

‘Students Creating, Sharing, Consuming Adapting, Networking, Building knowledge across networks, open (and closed)…

I came across this video ‘Day of the Long Tail’ and want to tie it to the above assertions and a great post from Caroyl Oliver discussing the use of free and open web 2.0 technologies.

‘With more and more free programmes, software and resources it is now much easier for an individual teacher to find something that works with a particular group of students and ‘just do it’. The way in which this works within an Institute then depends on the corporate culture and the management of the relevant departments.’

‘the reality is that if we are to inter-act with our
students in any meaningful way we must at least talk in their language.’

Caroyl Oliver



  1. fan-tastic!

  2. Then management practices and systems are becoming more and more crucial in the effective implementation of the new wave of flexible learning practices – even more so than the actual technology utilised?

  3. Agree I see the management of people, (staff and students), extensive professional development practices and managment of distributed networks of people becoming crucial in an organisation (rather than managing the technology itself). Management supporting and providing networked flexible professional development opportunites and promulgating the successes of staff and students (and failures) using whatever technology that suits them so others can benefit and adapt from their learning. We are looking at ways of achieving this with management as part of the Learnscope project.

  4. A great youtube movie Steven. I showed it to the Orange learnscope groups and their jaws were on the ground.

    Keep up the great work.

  5. Alex thats sounds like a fantastic reaction to the ideas in the videos

    They are great examples of pulling in content quickly from the open internet, to find something really powerful for teaching and getting a learning point across.

    The youtube videos work for me through the DET firewall when embedded in my blog…

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