Posted by: networklearning | February 9, 2007

To value mind imagination calls

My first post of 2007, I came across this great video ‘Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us’ by Michael Wesch, it resonates with me. At the end of the video Michael puts foward ‘We’ll need to rethink a few things’

Where do I want my thinking to go in 2007? I wrote this poem ‘ Subject Object’ as a young man going through the process of figuring things out, how the world was, the teenage sentiment still resonates for me as an adult, in our world now, where perception is purposely influenced with misinformation and fear impacting on our collective understanding of reality and important issues , where education organisations that foster both digital and critical literacy skills have never been more needed.

Retrospectively I would have loved Web 2.0, to have had the opportunity to express myself openly growing up and trying to make sense of the world through a blog, hopefully with guidance and input from others to help in the process. Now as an ‘adult’ I’d like to know what I was thinking and feeling then when I wrote it, and now be able to look back on my life’s progress through my online identity and the network of people who have been a part of my life leading to who who I am today… slightly more cynical perhaps, I reckon I could postively look back on my personal growth.

Subject ObjectMy abstract mind knows a surreal world
With guns controlling the peace and goodwill
The day has come its going gone
Another life another dawn
It’s one for all and all for one
The souls count up but never down
The winners the losers win
Two sides two deaths one all my friend
More blood is spilled but I don’t care
Seen it, heard it, cried before.


My abstract mind knows a TV screen
With murder lies and ads between
You’ll see it all all to be be seen
But switch it off if it gets obscene
Don’t worry now we can worry then
And in the meantime we’ll pretend
That we’re ok, that we’re alright
That we’ll sleep well in bed tonight
We’re safe and sound if we know our place
But they’ve got missiles just in case…

My abstract mind knows the money man
Who’ll sell the soul to meet demand
It’s easy to take a moral stand
But progress fails to follow a plan
I know heaven doesn’t exist but I’m going there
Anyway my lord.
But everybody wants to hold you back
Shared experience in day to day lives
After everything you’re human an animal
My Time Our Time My Time Our Time My Time PLEASE

Stephen Hawkings world renowned physicist posted this question to yahoo answers:

How can the human race survive the next hundred years?

In a world that is in chaos politically, socially and environmentally, how can the human race sustain another 100 years?

In my mind to address problems, we need to bridge the barriers between human subjective objective perception of their world, my world, your world, our world, en masse not as nations but as informed global citizens, bottom up governance, sharing our emotions, thoughts, and ideas to reveal our commonalities through networks of understanding and common interest, then acting on them. A simple sentiment said many times by many others a la Web 2.0.

In educational organisations working on and incorporating what positively inspires our minds, as outlined by Napolean Hill in his ‘Mastermind’ principles

  • Love
  • Opportunities for financial gain
  • Recognition for talent, effort
  • Music
  • Friendship
  • Alliance between others to achieve shared goals and spiritual advancement

The reponsibility of education

The responsibility lies with education organisations to build open creative education environments for constructive stimuli of the mind that promote the positive aspects to which the mind resonates most freely.

‘authentic voices, speaking freely, can engage each other in a democratic society. They can advance social causes such as education and literacy. They can minimize the self-serving agendas of corporate broadcasters, big money, and big power.
They can do all of these things – but doing these things is not why we blog. We blog because what we want is a free and authentic voice. Because we want, at last, the freedom to be ourselves.’ – Stephen Downes

Educate people how to from their own personal networks through technology, networks stimulating shared ethusiasm, creative imagination, intense desire to express oneself .

Logically, connecting through technology en masse to achieve these aims will not bring order out of chaos but foster a chaotic bottom up and responsive understanding of the world.

Networked learning and understanding as part of day to day life, a global culture that celebrates what’s possible for us collectively as humans in the moment. Communicating through technology, acting on ideas in the moment, collectively, chaotically, inspiring the mind to create a reality that seeks to find solutions locally to global political social and environmental problems in the moment…

Stephen Downes -‘ How I would organise a conference’ hints at the type of space and event that would faciliate these interactions.

For 2007 I want to facilitate group learning processes, large groups collaborating together, connecting with each other, sharing ideas, and in our own ways feeding the machine…empowerment through each other, ‘The Machine is Us/ing Us’, and I’m happy with that…


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